Links for Kids

The USA wants us all to be global diplomats! Kids, too! By traveling overseas, you are like a diplomat. You represent your country. Your behaviors and interactions offer impressions of what your home country is like. Is there an international issue that you feel strongly about? Write to your Representative or Senators. Or share your thoughts by contacting the Department of State. You can also join a non-governmental organization that promotes an international cause you believe in. Check out this site Discover Diplomacy to learn how you can help shape foreign relations, one handshake at a time.

“Bullying is a big problem. It can make kids feel hurt, scared, sick, lonely, embarrassed and sad. Bullies might hit, kick, or push to hurt people, or use words to call names, threaten, tease, or scare them…” Check out this site from to learn more about why bullies act the way they do- and what you can do about it!

World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4th around the world by animal-lovers, schools, places of worship and ordinary members of the public. World Animal Day celebrates humankind’s unique relationship with the animal kingdom, and acknowledges the numerous ways in which animals enrich our lives. You don’t have to be an activist; you just have to care – buy a few tins of food for your local animal shelter; make a small donation to an animal charity; plant a shrub that will attract butterflies or birds to your garden; sponsor an animal in a shelter or sanctuary – the possibilities are endless. You can even download their free screensaver to begin the countdown to your celebration.