Journey to Kosova


“This is the story of how I went to Kosova in October of 1994. As a Quaker, writer, and children’s rights advocate, I decided to make myself a primary source of information, a first-hand observer, a witness for peace. In Kosova there is a unique situation — poisonous yet queerly triumphant — human nature deadlocked in a mutual battle of extremes. The high ground and the low ground seized by Serb and Albanian, grudgingly held onto year after year. No one will give an inch.”

In this self-published memoir of her time in Kosovo, author Alice Mead shares the dangers she encountered and reflects on the beauty of this unique country and it people.

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Great introduction to Kosova issues. I found this a very readable narrative. It gives the reader a good taste of what life was like in Kosova during the time leading up to the war. — Amazon Reader

Each of my books about kids in other countries–Iran, the Balkans, Sudan–was created when I got to know kids from other cultures who finally had been resettled in my town of Portland, Maine. They are now American kids, my neighbors and yours, who came from poverty and war.

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