About Alice

I’m glad you stopped by to visit my website. I hope you will go to my contact page and send me an email!
I love hearing from my readers and always answer.

So. About me. I can’t believe I’m now an older person. I really like to play, I draw cartoons, make up┬ájokes, and laugh a lot. I am an artist. I paint with gouache which is a kind of watercolor, take photographs, and do primitive rug hooking. I even drew the pictures for the website. I have two grandsons who live far away in Australia for now.

I love dogs, gardening, chocolate, reading, living by the water, growing pumpkins, chocolate, watching movies, reading and hanging out with friends. I am disabled and have to use a wheelchair. For many years, I was an art teacher and still keep in touch with my students.

I have three secret words that I use to help me overcome obstacles.
Believe, Love, and Laugh.
Maybe you can come up with your own magic words.